Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Big Black Bear at Big Log...

I was a little bent out of shape recently when MY niece and nephew (from my older sister) 'friend requested' my husband on Facebook and there was NO friend request for me. I didn't even know they were on facebook! Anyway, I started thinking about it and realized that at all our family get togethers he's out there playing football with all the kids or playing some other crazy fun game and I'm in the kitchen helping/visiting with my sister. I'm so lame. Now I know why they want to be his friend and not mine. Because he's super fun and I'm super lame. Last year my other niece (6 years old) couldn't remember Aaron's name at a family get together. Aaron saw her struggling after she was trying to remember the part after "Uncle." He didn't miss a beat and responded with, "that's Uncle Awesome." Now that's what they all call him.

Sooooooo, this summer I'm going to be better about spending more time with them instead of being that boring grown up who misses out on all the fun. So watch out Aaron because Aunt Awesome is stepping out!

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the bear but it was just on my mind and my thoughts are often random. Soooooo, Aaron, (being the awesome man that he is), see, that's where the 'awesome' tangent came from....took all 4 of my children backpacking this last weekend while I stayed at home and had a girls night with 2 friends who were visiting from out of state. I felt kind of lame missing a family backpacking trip but not bad enough to miss out on seeing my sweet friends who I've missed seeing so much.

Anyway, I can't believe this but he took them backpacking to Big Log which is a 5.2 mile hike-one way. My four little kids backpacked over 10 miles! I was seriously so impressed. They all had backpacks, even Lauren although hers was just a mini Hello Kitty backpack that held everyone's trail mix. (Well, she is the youngest, and a girl). The boys all carried their sleeping bags, pillows, pads and clothes in their own packs. What little studs. It seriously makes me so proud that they are such tough little troopers.

So ,the next day on their way back down they encountered a big black bear. They were very excited to tell me about it when they got home. I was not so excited to hear about it. Before they left I had offered Aaron my pepper spray (he makes me take it when I go running), to bring with him backpacking. "Just in case you see a bear," I said.
He, being the optimist, said they'd be fine and wouldn't need it.

Ironically there was a bear up there in the woods....imagine that. Lucky for them this bear was in a good mood....They encountered him as they were coming down the trail on the way back the next day. They were walking along leisurely when off in the distance down the trail Aaron spotted him. He stopped the kids and put them behind him. The bear didn't even know they were there because he was taking a little hike down the same trail. He waited for him to leave the trail but he didn't. So, from a safe distance they continued their hike and followed him down the trail being sure to make plenty of noise so that he wouldn't be startled by their presence. They sang primary songs loudly and banged on their mess kits trying to scare him off the trail but he was in no hurry to leave the path. So they ended up following him (from a safe distance of course) for over a mile. Crazy. But thankfully they were fine. Next time they are taking my pepper spray.