Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Public Display of Affection

Something I don't want to forget...

Saturday, I dropped off Jacob and Joseph to their soccer game early so I could take Lauren to her game which was scheduled at the same time.  Just before pulling out of the parking lot I rolled my window down and yelled to them standing next to their team.

"Bye boys, good luck on your game!"

Jacob yelled back first, "Bye Mom!"  followed by Joseph, "Bye Mom, I love you Mom!"

I wondered for a minute if he had accidentally said I love you since he was standing next to a bunch of his friends...  My heart swelled anyway.

Later that evening I brought it up when we were home.

"Joseph, did you mean to say 'I love you Mom' in front of all your friends this afternoon or did it just slip out?  I hope they didn't tease you about it after I left."

Amused, they both smiled and said...

"Why would I/should he be embarrassed about that? You're our Mom and we do love you."

I feel so grateful that the boys still tell me they love me every day, hug me in public and aren't too "cool" to publicly display their affection. I hope it will always be this way.