Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Fun

First snow blankets the ground, I love how peaceful the world becomes.
Falling snowflakes absorb the sound, flocking the trees and grassy ground.
A picture perfect view awaits my eyes, when from my pillow I first arise.
No school today, no need to even check....The kids are so excited to get our their sleds.
After breakfast they can hardly wait, to get on their snow gear and head out to play.
Packing down the hill to speed up their ride, "don't walk across the path!" (big brother chides).
Little Lauren at the top of the hill, finds her place and weathers the chill.
Watching her brothers as they pass by, perfectly content to give up her ride.
Bundled up in big brother clothes, she looks like a marshmallow with a little pink nose.
Building jumps and 'catching air' they take turns riding, and try to be fair.
Lauren won't go without a big brother, so they jump on top, and try not to smother.
Walking up the hill she gets a free ride, thank goodness for her mountain climbing Dad.
Snowball "Target practice" while they ride the rope swing...getting pelted until the cry of Mercy.
Hot Cocoa bar, a wandering goat, building a snowman, super wet coats.
They come inside cold and tired, and warm their hands by the fire.
Endless Uno games, playing Clue, reading stories, movie reviews.
A break in routine, a needed retreat...staying home & making memories.

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